Wheelhouse Restaurant

Waterfront Dining

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Wheelhouse Restaurant is permanently closed.


The Wheelhouse Restaurant is housed in the south end of a newly constructed building known as Waterfront Station. This building of modern, distinctive design which commands a compelling street presence on Second Avenue is located adjacent to the Waterfront Trolley Line, Millennium Trail, and the Yukon River. Our parking lots are positioned at the north and south ends of the building and can be easily accessed from Second Avenue.

Mission Statement

To offer an exceptional dining experience featuring remarkable food and efficient, friendly service in an inviting setting. The Wheelhouse Restaurant will exceed customer expectations by delivering a rewarding experience with every visit.

Type of Dining

Dining at The Wheelhouse Restaurant is “Yukon Casual”. Our Yukon heritage themed venue with 1930s era décor offers a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.The Wheelhouse Restaurant is the perfect place to host any special occasion, be it a corporate event, a birthday, or anniversary. We are also available for private parties and functions.