Canada holds silver in the global race for the number of Bitcoin ATMs available, trailing only the US. In addition, those wishing to get virtual coins can use the services of regulated Canadian exchanges, which makes the buying process safer. So, it is not strange that Bitcoin casinos and other crypto casinos from our list are so popular.


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About Cryptocurrency in Canada: Highlights

Even if most Canadians, according to recent research, do not fully comprehend cryptocurrencies, over 30% of them still intend to buy crypto assets in the near future. And this is not surprising, given that cryptocurrency trading is legal here.

Some local banks and financial organizations have shown their support for the adoption of Bitcoin, by installing a significant number of BTC ATMs. As a result, government loyalty and Canadians’ enthusiasm for emerging trends led to the following facts and figures:

Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender in Canada. But any transactions with Bitcoin and other crypto assets are not prohibited.

Cryptocurrencies are recognized as commodities under income tax law. This means that using them to pay for products and services is considered a trade. So, you have to pay tax. So, keep it in mind while picking the best Bitcoin casino.

Among those who own crypto assets, 23% prefer Bitcoin.

crypto assets held

Flag Vancouver

The most cryptocurrency-friendly Canadian city is Vancouver. Here, over 100 businesses accept crypto as a payment method.

Want to join Bitcoin casinos? Buying Bitcoin in Canada is not a problem, as there are already over 2,600 ATMs in the country. Most of them are located in Toronto.

Benefits of the Best Crypto Casinos

Payment transactions are now highly strictly controlled because online operators must deal with one new regulation after another. This is where cryptos like Bitcoin and others have saved the day. In other words, digital currencies offer an alternative to using fiat currency to handle payments on crypto casino websites without the limitations that come with it. But there is as well another side to the Bitcoin casino experience.


The fact that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are decentralized is one of the benefits we value the most. This puts crypto casino users in total control of their money without the intervention of any governments or banks. Additionally, gamblers can anonymously move money from their Bitcoin casino account to a crypto wallet while playing at crypto casinos.


Traditional payment options frequently have high costs for depositing and withdrawing. Thankfully, blockchain transaction fees are significantly lower. Thus, players save money and can discover Bitcoin casino features for longer.

Worldwide Popularity

Creating a global payment system devoid of governmental or bank participation is one of the objectives of cryptos. Without this institutional and national regulation, all Bitcoin casinos operate identically, no matter where you are located, using BTC or any other virtual currency.


Transparency is another benefit of cryptocurrencies. The fact that all transactions are visible because of the public ledger is one illustration of how this is especially useful. As a result, punters can demonstrate that they made a payment and confirm that the Bitcoin casino actually processed their withdrawal.


Gamblers’ personal information stays hidden throughout a transaction. All users can see the transition, but only the visible part. One may play their favourite games without disclosing personal information at some Bitcoin casino sites because they provide completely anonymous accounts.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Casinos

Even though there are many advantages to trying something new, some people are frequently discouraged by the opportunity. Here are a few considerations one should make if they are thinking about experimenting with a crypto casino to give them the whole picture and to make a final decision.


Cryptos are known for their volatility. This may be advantageous in some cases, for instance, when the price rises, but it may also have the opposite effect. When you play at a Bitcoin casino in BTC, you are subject to volatility effects when you convert your winnings back into fiat money. But the opposite can also happen while gambling at the best crypto casino sites.

No Recourse

As no one owns the blockchain, it might be difficult to address transaction issues. Even though the wallet provider or the crypto casino itself may offer customer service, they have no influence on the blockchain. Additionally, if the money in your wallet were stolen, it would be impossible to find it. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of choosing reliable coin storage. Of course, this is a topic we have already covered in this Bitcoin casino review.

No Chargebacks and Reversals

When a transaction is approved, the money leaves your wallet. Therefore, unlike with a credit card, one cannot charge back or reverse the transaction if there is a problem with the operator. This is just one more argument in favour of playing exclusively at trustworthy Bitcoin casino sites.

Gambling Options the Best Bitcoin Casinos Offer

The casino games you can play with cryptocurrency are not all that different from those at other casino sites. Of course, not every Bitcoin casino operator provides the same selection of games. However, often, using your digital currency, you can participate in the most well-liked Bitcoin casino games, such as:





hand with cards


gambler table



Video Poker


Bitcoin Crash






Live Casino Games and Shows

Bitcoin-Friendly Gaming Providers

In the gambling industry, a game provider is an exact link on which your gambling experience depends a lot. And even though the number of brands on the Canadian market is limitless, there are not many brands that support cryptocurrencies. However, the most trustworthy developers of Bitcoin casino software are listed below, and we guarantee that you will not be bored with their offerings.

How to Get Started at a Bitcoin Casino: 3 Easy Steps

With all the knowledge, to begin playing at a crypto casino is simple. Just adhere to these three easy steps:

Step 1. Find an exchange to purchase virtual currencies.

Choose one of the reliable exchanges that offer your preferred cryptos. We merely want to make you aware that different exchanges provide different cryptocurrencies. But Bitcoin is available on a large majority of them.

Step 2. After buying coins, you need to choose a secure crypto wallet to keep them safe.

You can store your digital coins in the exchange where you bought them. However, if you want to have more control over your funds in the long run, you should keep your coins in your own wallet. Before signing up and providing your payment information, ensure you know which Bitcoin casino you want to play at.

Step 3. It is time to pick your perfect casino once you have purchased coins.

By offering the top 10 crypto casino sites, we have already done the legwork for you. So, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best, set up your account, and enjoy playing your favourite gambling types, including live crypto casinos.

Payments at Bitcoin Casinos

It is very secure to deposit money at any Bitcoin casino on our list. Every payment transaction is recorded in the public ledger, which anybody can read. This cutting-edge technology makes it hard to use any shady techniques on the blockchain.

How to Deposit at a Bitcoin Casino

One needs to have virtual currency already and have it stored in a crypto wallet before one can start having fun with crypto gaming. To make a deposit, let us take the following actions:

Step 1. Log in to our preferred crypto or Bitcoin casino and go to the Cashier or Deposits section.

log-in form

Step 2. Choose a cryptocurrency you need. Here you will see the automatically generated casino address. Copy it and paste it into your crypto wallet. You can also use a QR code.

bitcoins deposit

Step 3. Next, go to the crypto wallet and complete the transaction.

bitcoin wallet

If it is your first deposit, be sure to take advantage of the Bitcoin casino welcome bonus if it is offered. Finally, have fun playing the games you have picked.

lucky block games

How to Withdraw from a Bitcoin Casino

A Bitcoin casino offers the same straightforward, rapid withdrawal process as any other gambling platform. Make sure you have completed all wagering requirements before withdrawing money from a crypto casino account, especially if you used bonus money. It is simple to add funds to your wallet by doing the following:

Step 1

Go to the Wallet section on the left and choose the Withdrawal tab next.

Step 2

Go to your Bitcoin wallet and copy the unique address or use a QR code.

Step 3

Enter the desired amount and submit your request. Remember that not all Bitcoin casinos offer instant cashouts, so if this is something you are interested in, make sure the casino you are playing at offers such a function.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada

In a nutshell, you should register with a cryptocurrency trading platform, fund your account, and buy coins. Below we explain each of the steps in detail.

1. Decide on the Bitcoin amount you want to buy

The first step is finding out how much you want to wager on Bitcoin. Probably the quickest response is to buy as much as you are willing to lose since purchasing cryptocurrencies is an investment and, therefore, an additional risk.

2. Find out where to buy coins

Here is how to obtain Bitcoin once you have made the decision to do so and determined how much you want to invest:

  • Crypto trading platform
  • Online exchanges
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • In person.

3. Select a Bitcoin trading or exchange platform

The simplest, safest, and most practical way to purchase crypto to gamble at a Bitcoin casino is likely through exchanges or trading platforms. There are numerous platforms and exchanges available, and each has unique benefits and drawbacks. Learning about the differences between them can help your first Bitcoin experience go a lot more smoothly.

We most often buy digital currencies and altcoins to test the best crypto casinos on Canadian exchanges. Many of them are locally licensed and offer favourable terms for Canadians. We recommend paying attention to Newton, NDAX, Newcoins and CoinBerry.

4. Pick a Bitcoin wallet

Wallets, which are essentially digital bank accounts for cryptocurrencies, are where they should be kept. They technically control the cryptocurrency if you store your coins on a cryptocurrency exchange. However, you have total control over your digital assets if you withdraw to your own wallet.

5. Choose your Bitcoin payment method

The choice of payment methods and currencies on international exchanges is unlimited. For example, most Canadian exchanges offer local currency, the US dollar, and other cryptocurrencies to pay for your coins.

6. Buy your Bitcoin coins

Always keep in mind to start small and only invest in amounts of Bitcoin that you are comfortable losing money on. Before making any significant investing decisions, take some time to research the market.

Where Can You Store Your Bitcoins

Because no one is watching your transactions with digital coins, unlike with fiat money, and because the funds cannot be tracked in the event of theft, it is crucial to store them in a safe and secure location. It is also possible to insure your deposits. Canadians typically keep their coins in the following ways:

money exchange

On the Exchange

Keep your funds in the exchange and earn passive income through staking and farming. While farming enables obtaining more cryptocurrency by leveraging currently existing assets, staking boosts interest in virtual currencies by locking assets on the exchange.

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in the account security settings to improve safety. Additionally, the chance of asset loss can be reduced by spreading out the crypto assets among various exchanges.

bitcoin wallet

In Crypto Wallets

Despite popular belief, crypto wallets do not actually hold your digital currency. This is where the unique keys needed to access your blockchain-based digital assets are kept.

You can simultaneously store multiple coins or altcoins in a single cryptocurrency wallet. But it is still important to understand that if you lose these keys, your cryptocurrency holdings are also lost.

When it comes to storing digital currencies, locals prefer to store coins in a wallet on the exchange or platform where the purchase was made.

crypto storage

What Cryptos Can You Wager at BTC Casinos

Although Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency, other coins are also used by players. To meet the needs of their consumers, almost all Canadian Bitcoin casinos accept alternative options. Here is a list of popular cryptos to use in place of BTC.

ethereum coins


Over the past few years, Ethereum has proven to be a remarkably stable cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin, it has the highest value on the crypto market. Players prefer using ETH to play in a virtual Bitcoin casino because of its relatively constant growth. The good news is that nearly every Bitcoin casino also accepts ETH as a payment option.


Bitcoin Cash

Being Bitcoin’s known “hard fork,” BCH is almost equivalent to it. Since its debut in 2017, the currency has been relatively new. But because it emerged from BTC, it spread fast and reached a lot of fans. There are many crypto casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment.



Despite being created as a joke, Dogecoin has quickly grown in popularity in the crypto space. Even Elon Musk frequently mentions DOGE on social media. He is the one who has recently raised the currency’s worth and generated interest in it. Almost all Bitcoin casinos in Canada jumped on board and added Dogecoin to their list of accepted digital coins.



Charlie Lee wished to compete with BTC. That is why he invented Litecoin, a money that was a big success. Compared to Bitcoin, LTC transactions are actually faster. It is evident why players and Bitcoin casinos both like Litecoin.



An open-source currency called Monero was introduced in 2014. Even though it has not been around for more than ten years, it already has a lot of followers. It ensures the highest level of security and privacy. This option is frequently used by crypto casino players looking for anonymity. Do not be confused when using this money for transactions because Monero is represented by the XMR symbol.

Expert Advice on Picking the Best Crypto Casino

The best crypto casinos have been identified by our team of experts. Of course, players’ particular preferences determine which Bitcoin casino they will choose. To help you in selecting the ideal place to gamble, our review offers details on each of the following factors.


If you have a preferred digital currency, make sure that the virtual Bitcoin casino you are thinking about accepts it.

two number

Pay attention to the available game library. In addition to crypto casino poker and other table games, reputable gambling sites also offer sports betting and live casino games.

three number

Examine the numerous benefits offered by chosen Bitcoin casino. Bonus spins are offered by some sites, matched bonuses by others, and occasionally both are offered. We advise against letting this influence your choice too much, as bonuses only have a temporary benefit.

four number

Check the casino’s restricted regions and countries list before joining it. This may be done by visiting a particular Bitcoin casino website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you gamble with cryptocurrency in Canada?

Yes. Every Canadian who has achieved the legal gambling age (18–19 years old) can join one of the best Bitcoin casinos in Canada that has a licence because the use of digital currency is not illegal in the country.

What are crypto casinos?

A crypto casino is a gambling platform allowing you to deposit, withdraw, and play casino games using digital currency. This means that you can use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and other supported by crypto casino operator digital currency to gamble online.

What is the best Bitcoin casino Canada?

We have prepared a list of what we consider to be the top options available in Canada. Look through our ratings of Bitcoin casinos to choose the one that best meets your needs based on the already-mentioned aspects.

Are crypto casinos legal?

In Canada, neither online Bitcoin casinos nor digital currencies themselves are prohibited. So, you can play on licensed platforms and use the crypto for your own purposes. However, the Canadian dollar remains the only legal tender.

How to gamble with cryptocurrency?

To get started, create or buy a crypto wallet and Bitcoins. Further, the process is no different from gambling on traditional platforms: register, make a deposit and enjoy the gaming collection.

How to withdraw Bitcoin from online casino?

The payout of winnings in crypto is almost the same as in regular currency. But, before making any transactions, a gambler should get a crypto wallet to store and transfer digital coins. Further, all operations at your Bitcoin casino account are carried out using this wallet.

Which Bitcoin wallet is best in Canada?

It depends on your goals, the number of coins and your financial capabilities. One of the most budget options is to store crypto on an exchange, such as Newton, NDAX, Newcoins and CoinBerry. But if you are interested in more secure storage and advanced features, then the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X hardware wallets are the best choices. It can be used even for playing at Bitcoin casinos.