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Tonight’s experience was very bitter sweet.
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Tonight’s experience was very bitter sweet. I have been looking forward in dining at Mamakas for quite some time since I moved to Toronto. Overall, the food was fantastic, the saganaki, lamb chops and etc. was delicious. However... the service or more like, lack there of service was horrendous. to be honest we are asian Canadian patrons and in light of everything happening in the World, tonight’s service really discouraged me in dining here ever again. Our one server, Ly was very very unprofessional. I could count the number of words she spoke to us with my hands and toes. Her demeanour in being our server was screaming reluctance and all of us could see her forced smile. We are not diseased stricken leppers, we are dining guests and patrons of a restaurant and should be treated with respect and served as you would to any other guest. We asked her what was the size of the “hand made pitas” were, for an idea on how many to order, she condescendingly chuckled at us and said “its the size of a normal pita”... not very professional. To say the least, aside from taking our order, placing dishes down, clearing plates and giving and paying for the bill, we did not get much service. We were quite disappointed with our experience as the food in itself was incredible. Quite lacklustre. I’m normally one to tip well for great service and this is the first time in my life I have left a restaurant leaving ZERO tip after dining and a few blunt and honest words to our server. That is how bad the service was for us. Overall, I would recommend this place for food and hope the service is not consistent with our experience. My hope is management sees this review to please enforce some sensitivity and customer service training that is much needed. As a person who has joyfully worked and served in the restaurant industry, this is disgraceful.

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