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I made a reservation for 2 on Friday night.
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I made a reservation for 2 on Friday night. We asked to be sat on the larger patio side which was not a problem for the hostess to seat us there. We were greeted by our waiter, who was friendly but said he never works dinner shifts - in which half-price selected wine and buck-a-shuck was not promoted (good thing I asked because that's what we had come for). The wine was great, the oysters were spectacular, and the cauliflower bites were delicious. Since it was a cooler night, we had the heater on beside our table. After a while it died down and was not giving off much heat - to which we were told that it could not be turned up any further. There was many other heaters that were at unoccupied tables which could have been moved to ours but we were never given that option so we sat there freezing by the end of the night. Would have been nice to have a server simply switch the heaters so we, as guests, would have been comfortable dining. We would like to come back but hope for more heat since it's only getting into the colder months.

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