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I really enjoy this restaurant.
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I really enjoy this restaurant. The food is great (even if the pulpo in the pulpo taco was far too chewy). I love the elotes (corn), the LA Truck taco, the drinks, and a bunch of other items on the menu. But this place must be avoided in cold months. Aside from having no place to put coats, so one is expected to sit on their coats in an already fairly tight, cramped seating environment, their triple door entranceis a 5 star FAIL. The doors are so close that for more than one person to enter the restaurant all three doors are invariably open at the same time letting in large wafts of freezing cold air. The restaurant is so small that it is enough to send a chill through the entire main floor. (Yes, there is a darker, less hip dining upstairs option). Furthermore, the doors often get stuck ajar causing the a door or two to remain open - often ignored or not noticed - by the very busy and otherwise competent staff. Twice my winter dining experience was ultimately an uncomfortable experience for my dining companion and me. Looking around at others keeping their coats on - we were far from alone. I will return for the fun, delicious, and slightly overpriced dinner - but in a few months when a properly winterized restaurant is not necessary.

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