We believe in the power of local.


Foodlink Waterloo Region is a non-profit organization that promotes local food and connectes waterloo regions producers and consumers.

While not officially a membership-based organization, more than  10% of Waterloo Region's 1,440 farms have participated in our Buy Local! Buy Fresh! program.  We also work closely with a strong network of Farmers' Markets across the region, CSA programs, the Elmira Produce Auction Cooperative and a growing roster of retail outlets that carry the Buy Local! Buy Fresh! brand. More than 30 local restaurants have participated in our annual "Taste Local! Taste Fresh! culinary showcase.

What we do 

Foodlink’s main goal is to build a healthy, local food system for Waterloo Region by connecting waterloo regions producers and consumers.  Foodlink’s is able to promote local food in the regions through multiple initiatives.


Anna Contini
Executive Director

  Foodlink Waterloo Region

Foodlink Waterloo Region