Why Choose Local?


Freshness and Taste

Why eat a tomato that’s traveled for days on a truck? Fully ripened and bursting with flavour, your local tomato can be on your dinner plate the same day it was picked. Fresh food often contains fewer preservatives (essential for food traveling long distances), providing you with a more natural, wholesome product. Quality local food isn’t just about produce. There’s a wide variety of great tasting food including eggs, milk, cheese, meat, honey, preserves and poultry waiting for you to discover.



Support for Rural Communities

Buy choosing local food, you’re not only getting top quality and fresh When we buy from local farmers, we are supporting local businesses and providing income for families in our community. In a time when many farmers are struggling to maintain their livelihood, we can do our part to support them while preserving our rural heritage. Let’s keep our food dollars where they belong—in our own community!



Confidence in Our Food

How much do you know about your food? Farmers on the Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Map take pride in high quality food that’s safe for you and your family. They will enthusiastically answer your questions because nobody can tell you more about your food than those who grow it!



A Healthier Environment

By reducing the distance food travels, we can reduce carbon emissions and leave a smaller ecological footprint. When we support local food systems, we ultimately make a positive impact on the environment—cleaner air and water, and farmland that’s preserved for future generation