The Green Moustache Organic Café


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We want to help you achieve optimum health using food as medicine. We do this by serving up 100% organic food, juices, smoothies and desserts. Every menu item is made from scratch, just like grandma used to do.

Our organic produce is fresh and pure, always in its most natural form. This means no preservatives, processed, canned, sulphured or prepackaged products. Ever. Food colourings? No way. Added flavouring? Forget it. GMOs? Never. Ice or water fillers? Nope. Takes up too much nutritional real estate in our smoothies and juices.

Oh, and we always restrict the amount of sodium in our meals…which means your heart and cells will LOVE us.

Visit us to nutrify and detoxify your body, mind and soul!


Established in 2013.

The Green Moustache Organic Café was founded in 2013 by Nicolette Richer to bring delicious, healthy food to the Whistler community. Since then it has expanded to 6 locations in BC and Alberta.

Meet the Business Owner

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Nicolette R.

Business Owner

Nicolette Richer is an Orthomolecular Health Educator, certified Max Gerson Health Trainer, Psych-Kinaesthetic Facilitator, PhD Student of social sciences, author and speaker. She is a savvy natural wellness facilitator, a former environmental and sustainability consultant and a mother of three brilliant girls. Nicolette has an insatiable desire to learn, educate and change the world.

Like a wellness warrior, Nicolette transforms people with chronic illness or cancer into conquerors of their condition through nutrition, detoxification and positive stress shifting tools. She created The Green Moustache Café, Richer Health & the Nutrition+Detox Wellness Centre and Sea to Sky Thrivers Society to spread the message of optimum health through sharing meals, experiencing nutritional healing and building a team of educators to support their communities. Nicolette speaks regularly to captivated audiences on the subjects of healing cancer and chronic disease.

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