Sweet Pea Dessert Cafe


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Sweet Pea Dessert CafŽ in North York, Ontario specializes in serving tasty, healthier alternative desserts. While the cafŽ specializes in desserts, a selection of main entrŽes and snacks is also available.

EntrŽes and snacks served at the Sweet Pea Dessert CafŽ include short ribs with black bean sauce, spaghetti with meat sauce, homemade lasagna, fried pork dumplings and curry fish balls. The star of the Sweet Pea Dessert CafŽ is a line of signature Oriental desserts that includes purple sticky rice pudding, Trinity cream, tiramisu and fresh fruit durian cake. The cafŽ also offers a large selection of flavored lemonade, including green tea lemonade, black tea lemonade and mojito pineapple green tea lemonade.