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At Peaked Pies, we’ll give you a big warm hug with our signature Australian meat pies, peaked with mashed potato, mushy peas and gravy. These beauties are hand-crafted with lots of love and only the highest quality ingredients like AA Alberta beef. With a crisp, flaky pastry crust and a selection of rich, savoury fillings, one bite is all it takes to understand why Aussies consume 250 million meat pies every year.


Established in 2016.

An Aussie girl who grew up surfing the waves of Newcastle, Australia went on trip to “the snow” and fell in love with snowboarding. Having not much snow in Australia, she packed her bags and headed north!

Arriving in Whistler, she was instantly in awe….why not stay a little longer? She knew she would miss her family and friends, but surprisingly didn’t realize how much she would miss…the Aussie Meat Pie!

A Canadian boy living in Whistler had gained the reputation of always being ‘First Up’ on a Powder day. Look for him in the lift line at 4:30am. He’s known to shred hard, but what they didn’t know, was this boy could bake!

It was at the Longhorn that Aussie Girl met Canadian Boy. Aussie Girl truly longed for an Aussie meat pie so Canadian Boy baked her one. It was love at first bite!

In 2013 we opened our first Peaked Pies Whistler. 3 years later, Peaked Pies Vancouver has arrived.

Meet the Business Owner

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Kerri J.

Business Owner

Kerri moved to Whistler, BC in 2009 and immediately found herself craving the rich, hearty meat pies that were on every corner back home in Australia. She met her partner Alex, a Canadian snowboarder who loved to bake not long after. He started making her meat pies at home and they were encouraged by friends and family to start their own restaurant. In 2013, Peaked Pies Whistler was born. Kerri & Alex now have 2 other locations in Vancouver and Burnaby Heights to fill the cravings of other homesick Aussies, and those who just love a good old meat pie!

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