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My friend and I went there to have what we expected to be very high end cuisine at a reasonable price.

My friend and I went there to have what we expected to be very high end cuisine at a reasonable price. Like several other customers, we took advantage of a promotional discount offering us a 5 service Menu with a free bottle wine for 2…people, for CAD $75 (a value of $150). The first service was an appetizer that the chef chose: a spoonful of raw fish that had a rubber-like texture and was clearly not fresh (no other choice possible). The second service was offering the following choices: 1- Tian shrimp sour mango, avocado puree and fried shallots 2 – BLT way XP with grilled Romaine, tomato confit with olive oil, braised bacon, Parmesan cheese and boiled egg 3 – Verine liver mousse poultry and goat cheese hazelnut (which was my choice, a generous portion of verine and small pieces of bread. There was quantity but not necessarily quality). The third course was a very ordinary tasteless and watery carrot soup (no other choice possible, once again). The fourth course was offering the following choices: 1 – Beef tartar with truffle oil and Grana Padano served with thin leaves, crunchy vegetables and fries 2 – Roasted Arctic Char Fillet served with bacon, leeks, and almond butter 3- Crispy Soy Pork Flank coated with maple and chipotle on muslin parsnips The fifth service was offering the following choices: 1- Panna Cotta with vanilla sauce, blueberries and raspberry sorbet, served with coffee or tea The wine selection was excellent: a delicious Portuguese Moscato (white wine). The food was average and its presentation was fair. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant were nice. The service was slow and the waiter seemed to be in a rush to close up the place. He made sure to let the last 6 customers know that he wanted to go home by turning off the music and some lights … Plus, he had no sense of humour either… My friend ordered the pork and she was served what literally seemed to be a huge chunk made of 90% fat and 10% meat. My Arctic char was okay but lacked herbs, spices or taste, on top of being dried while overcooked. I find it was overpriced for what you get, really. We were left to pay the taxes and the tip. So with the $75 price for the promotion, plus taxes of $11.25 and a suggested $22.50 in tips, it came up to $108.75 for a dinner for two. We were both left on our appetite as we expected way more for that price tag. We would both give it a 6/10 overall grade but would not return.

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