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Trevor Herrle-Braun

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Trevor was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo. Before marrying into the Herrle family Trevor worked as a funeral director for ten years. This experience may have enabled him to better cope with failed crops while commiserating with fellow farmers! Whether contemplating the future of farming from the seat of his tractor, or interacting with their enthusiastic and loyal (and corn crazy!) customers, Trevor is passionate about his role in feeding our community. While farming and managing the market don't afford much spare time (especially from June to October) Trevor still finds the time to serve as Foodlink's board Chair.

Memories of Picking Fiddleheads

Memories of Picking Fiddleheads Just going through the pictures on my Blackberry and came across this one of picking fiddleheads. It is a nice memory of what's to come!    Springtime is so exciting around the farm.  There are new signs of growth, the...

The Local Omelet (Oeufs au Trevor)

The Local Omelet (Oeufs au Trevor) Aside from farming one of the things I enjoy is experimenting with cooking. Truly my favorite television channel has to be the Food Network.  But if I attempted some of the creations that those chefs come up my family would turn up their...

A Farm for all Seasons

A Farm for all Seasons "What do the Herrle's do all winter?"   This seems to be the biggest question we get asked each fall. As a family, we reflect upon this past season each winter.  We recount the highs and lows of the summer of 2009.  We were...