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Sophie von Wahl

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Sophie von Wahl is a grade 9 student in Kitchener. For as long as she can remember, food has always been a constant topic of conversation in her family...and not just around the dinner table. Since her family sources as much food as possible from local growers and producers, she has grown up with a keen sense of where her food really does come from. She is excited to bring her own fresh perspective to the discussion around local food.

Raising Urban Hens

Raising Urban Hens Being able to see where your food comes from is a privilege that very few people today are lucky enough to experience. I have been blessed with not only the opportunity to see where my food comes from but also to grow my own vegetables, bake my...

Falling for the Nauman's Tradition

Falling for the Nauman's Tradition Tra-di-tion n. 1. The handing down of a story, belief, custom etc. from generation to generation. 2. A celebration or procedure usually performed repeatedly at regular intervals .   A whirlwind of red, orange, and yellow....