Stemmlers 2016-17
Stemmlers 2016-17
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Maple Magic: How Sweet it is!

Maple Magic: How Sweet it is!

In case you haven’t already guessed, this blog is about Maple Syrup, something we can be very proud of! Did you know that Canadians produce close to 90% of it globally? It’s great on its own, in a variety of recipes or of course on a stack of fluffy pancakes. We’re indeed lucky to have so many local maple syrup producers here in Waterloo Region.

It’s that time of year when we start getting excited as chefs, foodies or farmers. When the sap starts flowing it means spring is officially here, or just around the corner. It also reminds us about the many local goodies to come such as asparagus, ramps, morels and rhubarb to name a few.  

As a chef, I am always amazed by maple syrup, how it is made and its many different uses from glazing roasted veggies to marinades and sauces to baking. So this year we decided to try making it from scratch at my place of employment at Westmount Golf & Country Club.

Along with a few of my colleagues, we tapped twelve maple trees on the property. So far we have gathered 400 liters of sap with a yield of 10 liters of maple syrup! It certainly gives you an appreciation for all the hard work that goes into producing that delicious liquid gold!


This is a fitting time to acknowledge our hardworking farmers for the many long days and nights they put in so that we can enjoy top quality products such as maple syrup. We live in an amazing region where we have access to so many local goodies year round. Check out Foodlink’s local food finder!

Recently Waterloo Region was in full swing with both the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival and Maple Weekend, a showcase of maple syrup operations throughout Ontario. Snyder’s Heritage Farms was a participant, showcasing their certified organic maple syrup produced on their farm in Bloomingdale. Visitors got to taste their delicious pancakes and syrup as well as their turkey sausages and new maple candy floss!


So Foodlink friends it’s time to get out there and learn about your food, meet your local producers, plan a visit to a farm and plan to partake in some upcoming local events. Enjoy the upcoming season of local delights and please feel free to share your adventures with us on our social media.

Keirra Reid is a Foodlink board member and chef at Westmount Golf & Country Club.


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