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The recipes listed in this section have come from three main sources:

In every issue of Local Harvest, a grower, processor, retailer or restaurant is profiled along with a locally grown food.  Most often, the profiled farmer or business will supply us with a favourite recipe that highlights that issue’s food. Other times, we source out a well known member of the community for a great recipe to complement our chosen food.

Every year in September, Foodlink hosts Taste Local Taste Fresh, an opportunity for chefs and farmers to work together to highlight the Region’s best fruits, vegetables, meat, grains, and dairy products. The resulting recipes are made available to anyone interested in re-creating these dishes in their own kitchens.

Foodlink is interested in hearing from the community’s residents about their favourite ways of preparing local food.  Our Recipe Contest brought in a number of great recipes for Foodlink’s Recipe Box.

Each recipe begins with a list of locally available ingredients. By clicking on any one of those ingredients, a corresponding fact sheet will pop up, allowing you to learn more about the food and to find other recipes that feature it.  Happy Cooking!

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