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Pear Syrup

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January 1 - December 31

Harvest Period

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Fruit syrups have been a traditional way of using up excess fruit.  Here in Waterloo Region, our large apple crop gives rise to plenty of apple cider and ultimately apple syrup. However, pear syrup made from local pear cider can also be found locally.

What to Look For

Some commercial brands may add sugar and cornstarch to their recipes.  In order to serve the purest product possible, check the ingredient label and buy syrup made from pears only.

How To Make

To make your own pear syrup at home, bring 4 cups of pear cider to a boil over medium-high heat. Boil until it has reduced to a thin syrup (you should have about 1/2 cup), approximately 25 minutes. Cool and store at in the refrigerator.

How To Use

Tart and fruity, pear syrup is great on hot, buttered toast. It can also be teamed with a cheese plate, drizzled over pancakes or used to add punch to both sweet and savoury sauces.  Pear syrup can substitute for maple syrup in many recipes and can be added as a glaze to both desserts and meat dishes. Try adding other flavourings, like vanilla bean, cinnamon, or star anise to the syrup, warm gently over low heat, and serve over ice cream, fruit crisps, and pie.

Make up a large batch of syrup, pour into pretty glass bottles, and offer as gifts throughout the year.

Nutritional Information

cup of pear syrup provides about 145 calories and 35g carbohydrates