Stemmlers 2016-17
Stemmlers 2016-17

Local Food 101

Have you ever wondered why certain foods are labelled Organic and others Natural.  What is the difference between Grass Fed Beef and Corn Fed Beef?  Should you buy the Free Range Eggs or those from Free Run Hens?  Are there Nutritional advantages of one over the other?  And who makes the decisions concerning Certification and Labelling in Canada?  If you have asked any of these questions, then this section is for you! 

Based on some of the most commonly-asked questions about our food, Foodlink has compiled Local Food 101 to help you navigate through the confusion that surrounds food and agriculture terminology today. 

Choose topics to explore from the categories listed below.  This list will grow over time.  Should there be a term that's not here that you'd like to see covered, please let us know.  We'll do our homework to help get you the facts on your food!

Naturally Raised Beef

Other terms include hormone free, drug free, chemical free

Since the term “natural” is neither clearly defined nor regulated, the label or advertisement should offer other information to clarify the claim. In some cases, natural beef producers may be employing complete organic methods to raise their cattle, but haven’t gone through the process of certification.  For complete information, contact your farmer to determine what natural processes are being practiced on the farm.

Applications to other animals: Naturally-raised poultry can move freely and are not confined to cages. Pigs are pasture raised outdoors on sustainable land and treated humanely.