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Burkhart's Maple Products

2892 Hackbart Road
St. Clements
tel: (519) 699-5366

Open: January 1 - December 31
Daylight hours No Sunday Sales

For generations, the coming of spring has marked one of the busiest times of the year for the Burkhart family. Their farm, with its large patch of forest set amid the rolling countryside west of St. Clements, is home to one of our region’s time honoured crafts—the production of maple syrup. Aaron Burkhart, who took over the maple syrup operation from his father, continues to produce and sell top quality maple syrup and maple products following a business tradition begun by his grandfather some 50 years ago. With proper tree management and a focus on quality, the business has flourished, making Burkhart’s Maple Products a highly sought after commodity, featured on store shelves and at farmers’ markets in our region. In early March, Aaron Burkhart begins tapping the nearly 3,200 mature sugar maple trees that cover 70 acres of the family farm. On more advanced operations such as the Burkhart’s, the sap flows directly into a plastic pipeline that runs throughout the sugar bush, eventually draining into large collection tanks. Aaron Burkhart estimates that the has nearly 15 miles of “pipeline” connecting the sugar maples on his property. Once the sap is collected from the tanks and buckets, it is taken to the sugar mill to be boiled down into maple syrup.

Burkhart's Syrup won first prize at the annual Mayors Maple Syrup contest.

Burkhart’s maple syrup is "Seal of Quality" certified. It qualifies for this prestigious seal as the operation complies with the industry’s best management practices, adheres to proper grading and quality control and receives regular monitoring by government inspectors.

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