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BLBF Map Launch at New Taste of Woolwich

BLBF Map Launch at New Taste of Woolwich
A new season of local food is upon us and with it comes a new crop of Buy Local! Buy Fresh! maps and a new Taste of Woolwich event taking place at the Elmira Farmers' Market Saturday, June 17, 9 am -1 pm. After a decade of supporting local food producers and helping Woolwich residents understand where their food comes from, the event’s move to the market is a natural one. Joy Finney, a Health Promoter at Woolwich Community Health Centre and a founding member of Woolwich Healthy Communities, said, “The market felt like a good fit. Being on a weekend during the day, the market’s accessibility gives people the chance to meet their local farmers and to form the...

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The Spears are Here!

The Spears are Here! It's spring time! How do we know this aside from the weather? There are some amazing things that are starting to grow such as rhubarb, wild leeks and... asparagus! Here in Waterloo Region there are plenty of farms where the delectable spears can...

Taking Stock of Rhubarb

Taking Stock of Rhubarb For winter weary gardeners, rhubarb is a welcome edible making its first appearance in the spring and continuing throughout the early summer.  While many of our local farms markets sell it at their stands you may be lucky enough to be able...

How Sweet It Is!

How Sweet It Is! While spring in Ontario can be a difficult time to endure with its abundance of mud and erratic temps, it does bring us one very special reward—delicious maple syrup!   With its luminescent amber hues, intoxicating aroma and...

Farm-to-Table Photographer's First Impressions of KW

Farm-to-Table Photographer's First Impressions of KW A few years ago I helped my chef friend John MacPherson develop a pilot for a TV concept - "In Season" - which featured John going out into the field to hunt, gather, and harvest fresh seasonal ingredients, and followed him back to the kitchen...