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Our Partners

Foodlink is one of many groups and organizations that are playing a part to encourage a healthy local food system.  Farm associations, government programs, commodity and marketing associations, neighbourhood groups, service clubs, gardening networks, environmental organizations, food security groups, churches, schools and municipalities all have a role to play.  We are very fortunate to work with an entire community of local food champions.

Foodlink has always been happy to share our experience with other groups that share our mission.  Foodlink developed a program to extend our Buy Local! Buy Fresh!  Campaign to other communities throughout Ontario.  Starting with Wellington County in 2005, Buy Local! Buy Fresh! is now being replicated in 10 counties around the province.  The program helps groups launch their own mapping publication, provides tips on financing and available resources and extends the Buy Local! Buy Fresh! brand message to thousands more consumers.

Creating a social movement requires people and resources.  Foodlink has been fortunate to have had the active support of many Funding Partners including government, Foundations and corporate interests.  Our partners don't simply give us money, they are investing in sustainable strategies that will benefit the next generations of farmers--and consumers.