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Learn About Local Food

Steve and Rose MartinLocal food is a hot topic these days....but in Waterloo Region there has always been a strong connection between the folks who grow food and those who eat it. Sometimes, we need to be reminded about why it is so important to choose locally available foods and where to find them.

Local food makes sense on many levels.  Our Why Buy Local section provides a wealth of information on the importance of supporting local growers and producers in Waterloo Region.  

Every issue of our popular Local Harvest newsletter explores the history, uses, nutritional benefits, and economic role of one local food while introducing you to growers, producers, retailers, and restaurants in the Region that supply it.  Browse through our archives for a more complete appreciation of the diversity of our local food system and get to know the faces behind our food!

Get past the "jargon" by clicking onto Local Food 101.   Learn about relevant agricultural and nutritional terms, food labels, certifications and more!

If you are curious about the food you eat, check out the Available Local Food section that profiles every food grown and prepared by Waterloo Region's Buy Local Buy Fresh farms and processors.  On each fact sheet, you will find preparation and storage tips, as well as nutritional profiles and suggestions on how to use each food.  

Have fun with local food! Find out how best to enjoy these foods by searching our Local Recipes database.  Whether unique to our farms and chef's or timeless classics that define our community, these recipes will appeal to both the novice and the aspiring gourmet.

Use our printable Seasonal Availability Guide to reference when Waterloo Region's most popular fruit and vegetables are ready.   This handy tool will help you find food at its freshest as well as stock up and preserve for the winter.


Good things Grow, in Ontario!  When travelling to other counties in the province, check out our resource page, Local Food Across Ontario, which allows you to connect with other local food programs and source out fresh food wherever you go.

Our community is home to some of the most diverse, productive and vibrant farms in the entire province. Find out a bit more about Agriculture in Waterloo Region here.

Our local food has a history.  Find out more about what you eat and who is responsible for getting it to your table.  Putting more local food on local plates is what Foodlink is all about.